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Good Monday morning!!! This will be a short short week… yep… I am heading back to Auburn on Wednesday!!! So I guess you guys are wondering how was the weekend. Well, I should have posted during the weekend but I was too busy. Yes, it was a very busy weekend. So lets start.

Friday Night:

We went to see the Wizards vs. the Rockets. It was very awesome!!! It has a huge cool factor added when music is playing while the game is going on. That’s pretty cool. Of course, we got to see Michael Jordan play. We also got a chance to see the newest Rocket, Yao Ming play. He’s pretty good for a rookie in the NBA. So who won? Of course the Rockets!!! Yeah… Jordan isn’t the same guy anymore. So all in all, it was alot of fun. I will have to post some pictures sometime.

Saturday :

College Football … and more football….

War Eagle… Auburn won!!! 17-7…. Woo HOO!!!! How ’bout them Tigers.

But LSU also won so that means SEC championship is out of the pictures. So I wonder what bowl are we going to?



Harry Potter

Well… I saw Harry Potter 1 & 2 Back to back… it was interesting. I personally thought that the 1st one was better. My girlfriend and I also agree that the 2nd one was a little too bloody and violent for little kids … maybe not for 8th graders but for 5-6 years old … oh yeah… too bloody. All in all… it was alot of fun!!!

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