This is the week!!

So this is the beginning of the week of my big adventure. It is funny… I am very nervous lately about my trip. This is the first time that I am traveling some where, where the locals speaks a language that I do not speak. (well.. since 1985 when I moved to the US). I am very nervous about traveling around France with my really really poor French.

But I am sure, no matter what it will be a fun adventure.

So… few things I just realized….

1) It is super cold in Ames right now!!! and this weekend it will get colder!!! Why Ames? That is where I am going for my graduation.

2) WHAT!?!?!? No hood for Masters Students ??? huh? Well… I just got informed that only PhD students have hoods for ISU. Is that true??? that is so weird… I mean… every other school that I have seen have hoods for their Masters students… but not here? oh… this bites! … maybe I should go get a PhD just to get a Hood… nah… maybe not.

3) The weather in France seems to be ok right now .. and the 10 day forecast seems to be good… I hope it stays that way.

4) Trying to wrap up all my stuff for work…

5) oh… I really wonder how connected will I be when I am in France? in some ways I probably don’t want to be connected…

6) Still need to pack… and damn US airlines for charging extra for bags… what gives…

7) got to work out all the logistics for the Thursday morning airport craziness. ( sure do help alot)

8) Plenty more of things to do…



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