A Flaming Weekend…

So gone is another summer weekend… this past weekend was supposed to be filled with fun sun and full of clam digging and outdoors play, but instead, my shirt caught on fire while I was cooking and I ended up in the emergency room Friday night.

So what happened?

Well.. I was in the kitchen cooking some noodles with Vicky. Remember, I have a gas stove. As I was cooking the noodles, I decided to clean up the mess I made in the microwave. I must have lean over the stove and the flame with the a small wind current caught my loose shirt on fire.

When I realized that I was on fire I knew that I got to put it out. I panic a bit and could not find anything to put my fire out. I can’t get my shirt off and the fire continued to burn. I tried to put water on it but It was too slow and the fire was crawling up my back and getting bigger and I started to feel pain. Finally I gave in and decided to sacrifice my new Auburn Tigers floor mat that my little sister gave me. I dropped and started to roll and the fire was out.

So the aftermath… I ended up with a few 2nd degree burns and lots of blisters. What was interesting was that my outer shirt was 60% polyester and 40% cotton, and it went up in flame causing majority of my burn and fire. My inner shirt was 100% cotton, and it was barely burned. However, even though my inner shirt was not burnt, the heat from the fire was enough to cause some damage.


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