GI Joe: The Rise of the Cobra

I can’t say I was a super big fan as a kid of GI Joe, but I was a fan. Last night my friends and I went to see the premier of GI Joe: the rise of cobra. We were expecting it to be bad, but good god we were not expecting what we saw. I will try to comment without spoiling too much about the movie.

So first of all the movie’s special effects started pretty cool… then it got bad.. especially in Paris. The actors were poor, even though I thought it would have been cool to see the former Doctor in the movie, but it was bad. The chicks were hot, but that’s pretty normal now for all action packed Hollywood movies. The characters do reflect all the old characters from the 80’s cartoon.

Now here is what was interesting about the movie, about half way through the movie, I started to say to my friends… I seen this movie before… it is ….

1) Team America World Police (2004)
2) Firefox (1982 movie)
3) Moonraker (1979 James Bond Movie)
4) Starwars : Phantom Menace (1999)
5) Stealth (2005)
6) Top Gun (1986) except under water…
7) Appleseed and really bad Robocop

It was like a Frankin-movie. Hollywood have truly ran out of the original ideas.

Now with all that said … there were few plot twists that was interesting and it was obvious that the movie was building up to part 2 so I will be interesting to see what they will try to do in part two. Maybe bring back Sgt. Slaughter?

So finally, my comment to everyone is yeah.. not a date movie and I would probably wait until it comes out on DVD or Blueray and just get it from the library or Netflix.


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