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So … First of all … Happy Friday!!! Yes it is Friday.
So, yesterday was pretty cool. Our volleyball team won 2 more games yesterday. Yep, yep. we are now 3-32 … awesome record right? So we will be going for 3 wins next week. What’s new today? What’s new this week? This week I am almost done with with 3 day bike week to work. my trip computer currently says 179 miles on my bike so far. Nice! I also been tracking my meals. I’ve been using the livestrong.com ‘s calorie counter to keep track of what I eat daily. It is tough, but hopefully, I can see some results in a few weeks. Nothing to show so far.. but I guess it takes time.

I been having interesting dreams in the last few days. yes if you read my blog you will probably realized that I have dreams almost everyday. I remember bit and pieces of most of my dreams. I don’t know why that is, but that is what it is. So, two nights ago I had an interesting dream.

I was at night in the dark with a flashlight. I was holding the small flashlight in my hand (I think it was the one off my bike). all of the sudden, I realize that my hand was hurting. It seems that the light’s battery is leaking acid (don’t ask me how). The acid was burning the palm of my left hand. I scrambled and ran to try to find some water, I was looking for a faucet . I saw a puddle of water on the ground, I quickly ran toward it and put my hand in the water. I then saw a faucet by the street corner. I ran to that turn it on and trying to rinse my hand. Here is the scary part, my skin and tissue started to come off with the water. It was weird, but I was also seeing it starting to grow back. Not much blood, but just pretty weird stuff.

Ok… enough about my weird dreams. Going to enjoy a nice Friday lunch.


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