One week review with my New Iphone 3GS

So it has been one week since I got my IPHONE 3GS and how do I feel?

Well… pretty mixed up…

So a bit of background … my previous phone was an original IPHONE. It worked fine except for the power button. It was not always responsive, and it was a bit used (AKA a bit dented up).

So here is my short list of Pro’s and Cons.

1) Great new camera on the Iphone 3GS. with this new camera, Evernote is so awesome and great!!! but of course you can do pretty much the same with a macro lens case from Griffen. But auto focus is pretty awesome.

2) Voice activation is cool. Even does chinese!!!

3) International input is awesome .. it even does Chinese with zhu-yin.

4) The 32 Gig is super awesome!!!

5) Video is cool.

6) Speed is pretty fast … a bit faster than my old silver back.

7) Gosh the speaker phone is so much better then my old phone. I got one of the bad batch with bad speakers.

8) Earphone jack was not recessed. Yeah no more adapters. Of course 3G would be the same.

9) Compass is cool… haven’t really used it much yet.

10) 3G and GPS is really cool… check out everytrail… it is so cool!!! you can do the same with Iphone 3G

11) A2DP is AWESOME!!! of course this will also work on 3G Iphone

12) oh and nice power % for the battery. It seems that you can only do this on the 3GS.

13) Same size as the old Iphone.. so all 3G accessories work… YEAH!!!


1) 3G drop calls is really really bad. I have never experienced this with my old EDGE silverback. But with my 3G phone .. 4 dropped call in 30 minutes. It may be just AT&T; or it maybe my phone. We will have to see.

2) Battery life. I don’t think it is any better battery life than my old silverback. It maybe psychological, but with the power percentage constantly on display I feel like the battery life drops pretty quick. Don’t get me wrong, it does last me a full day of phone use.

3) Black plastic back, I miss my old silver back. It is a hardy little phone… everyone that have seen my phone knows how hardy it is.

4) Stupid earphone… new earphone with volume control next to the mic for the iphone… so now it is even more expensive to get a replacement.

5) .. and that’s about it.. I think…

So … in conclusion, should you get one? Oh I think you should get one if you don’t have an IPhone or if you have a first gen iphone and really like gadgets. Or else I would recommend sticking with the IPhone 3G or just buy the 99 dollars iphone 3G. It pretty much does everything that the new 3GS does… you really won’t notice any difference.

Do I like it… Yeah… I really like it and I use it … ALOT!!!


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