IPhone OS 3.0

So… Today Apple.. the computer company not the music label or the fruit… did a preview of their upcoming Iphone OS 3.0. It is pretty amazing. Finally, they are going to turn my little Iphone to something that is friendly with all the cool Bluetooth devices around. I mean… I remember my old SE t616 I can do so much with Bluetooth… but of course it also had a bluetooth vulnerability that can allow anyone to download the entire phonebook without any alerts, but let’s not talk about that. Anyways… I took some notes … and this is what I noted about the preview today.

– Peer to Peer Bluetooth apps… Automatic discovery… Cool
– medical equipment for iphone… blood pressure cool… and maybe something for diabetics? Aw… they do have something for diabetics.. however they need to have some implant device so you don’t have to poke.

– Turn by turn.. woo hoo.. except with B.Y.O.M… Bring your own map… which means.. a nav system will likely cost around 99 dollars or so from the app store. We will see.

– Universal Push… Sweet.. this will really help with our new side project idea.
– copy and paste … Finally!!!!
– land scape keyboard … humm… not much a big deal for me.
– Search in Email and calendar … Nice… I needed this… even search on server too!!!
– Note Sync … Woo hoo .. but already using only Evernote
– Voice notes… already doing it in Evernote
and stereo bluetooth A2DP… WOO HOO… no more cable in my car!!!!
… Oh but wait.. what is that .. A2DP will not work on 1st Gen Iphone???? oh damn you Apple… forcing me to upgrade!!!

Proxy Sensor!!! oh.. imagine the possibilities.. like a do not touch app…
Voice chat API over WIFI!!!! …. wooo …cool!!!!

All in all pretty cool deal … I can’t wait to play with it this summer.


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