Post Mardi Gras

So it is the Lenten Season… I am starting fresh this year. I have made a few commitments to myself.

For the next 40 days, I will give up the following.
1) TV … yes television… This means no TV, no HULU, no Netflix… however, going to see the movies in a theater is ok. The goal for this is to free up some time for me to catch up on everything else. So far it has been pretty interesting.
2) Giving up drinks… that includes soft drinks, hard drinks … etc… I will drink only water for the next 40 days!!! The goal here is to cleanse my body and give me a chance to lose some weight.
3) Give up not working out… and slacking… once again… to get fitter
4) Giving up on missing church…. I find being in church for one hour does help me reflect on things..
It will be an interesting 40 days…
So today is day 1.
We will see how it goes..


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