Happy New Year

Well, it has been almost one month since my last blog post. I have had some friends asking about what happened to my website and my blog? Well, it is still here… during my xmas party I has a network problem my with my quick attempt to fix it I ended up messing everything us and well.. the short of it is that I never restored my DHCP assignments back until today. I guess I was too lazy. So… so many things have had happened in the past month. I was home for two weeks for Christmas and new years. It was alot of fun. I was able to catch up with some of my friend from high school while I was back home. Now that was alot of fun. Coming backing to Seattle was pretty fun. Last week was pretty exciting for 2009. So the big news is that on Friday I got my car broken into and my backpack stolen. Yep…. that includes my macbook and portable hd and everything else. I am in the process of working with my insurance to try to get some of this recovered. So the thieves broke my back left door window and took my backpack. It really sucks. Well… I guess the good part of all this is that all my data was backed up on my time machine so when I got my new macbook pro on to the network, it was easily recovered back to the way it was. Yeah yeah!!!

yep you got it right… I upgraded as well.

So… tomorrow will be interesting, since my back window is shattered, I will not be able to drive my car until I get the window fixed.

still alot of work to do…

What a great way to start 2009 right?

ha ha ha… as for resolutions…. I have many this year… and oh we will see …


Just a guy inside the Mintrix

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