I love watermelons!!!

So… Lately I’ve been doing nothing but searching for a new place to live. Why? I want to move closer to the city. I want to move away from Lynnwood and my expensive crappy apartment. I want to move to a place with a garage. So… in the middle of my search … my buddy Ted calls me and says that he is here with the melons!

YES Watermelons!!! The worlds best watermelon!!! from Tonnemaker’s in Royal City, WA. It was one of my favorite places to go during the summer when I was in Ephrata. I miss their fruits soooo much.

So… after I picked up 25 watermelons and a tray of peaches … my fruit delivery adventure began…

I went to few of my friends places to drop of the good stuff on the eastside and today I am planning to give some to my co-workers and also friends on the westside.



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