Another vandalism to my car

Dangit!! I’ve move to Seattle area for almost one year now and this morning I discover yet another vandalism to my car. This is the 3rd incident to my beautiful car. So some kid or some idiot decides to rip the Infiniti logo off my front grill. By doing so, he destroyed my front grill. Once again, this is why I am all for the proliferation of an explosive alarm system. So if stuff like this happens, my car will simply blows up and well.. no more vandals right? Yes, yes .. I know, I will lose a car in the process and causes a lot of chaos and destruction… but I tell you what, that will only happen once and it will not happen again.

I HATE STUPID PEOPLE !!! and there seems to be lots in the cities!!!

YES… I will be moving out of here soon!!


Just a guy inside the Mintrix

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