I need to update my blog/website

Yes yes… maybe little things been changing here and there on my website, but not much have really changed. I haven’t updated my photo section in years. I have had few ideas on doing some enhancements but just never got off my lazy butt to do it. Well.. my friend Ann started a new food/restaurant review blog called … The Divine Slice. Gosh … it really make my blog looks weak. I need to spend some time redoing my blog and give it a face lift. I mean After 3… I mean 6 years of blogging this well be the second major face lift if I can finally decide to do one. Maybe even make it Iphone compatible right??? Well… whatever it is I need to get it done before next week. Yeah.. school starts…

Did you know….. I also have an alternative site??? www.cubelifesucks.com

UPDATE: oops… I forgot that www.cubelifesucks.com was never forward to my new mac mini server… DOH DOH DOH!!!…


Just a guy inside the Mintrix

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