Playing with the Iphone

It been 1 month and 1 day since I bought my Iphone and I have to say it is a great great device. Now with that said, there are few features that it is lacking. It lacks few features that I had on Sony Ericsson W600i or my Nokia N8o. The features it is missing are as follows:

1) no Bluetooth Tethering. Not any easy ways to use my phone as a modem for my laptop.
2) no To Do list application
3) no Voice recording
4) no Voice activation dialing
5) no flash for camera
6) no video camera
7) Lacks 3G

But even lacking these few features, the iphone is still a great great phone and here is why.

1) no Bluetooth Tethering… but it is really not necessary since the Iphone provide the best User Interface for using the internet on a mobile device I have ever seen. It is better than my SE W600i or the Nokia N80 web browser (wish is pretty good but not as good as the mobile safari) or even windows mobile or any pocket PC browsers. It is just simple and intuitive.

2) No To do List ,but it does have a note application… however it doesn’t sync with the mac applications which sucks. But it’s fine… because you can use the web to do some of this features.

3)Visual Voice Mail is just awesome

4)Simple conference calling is super awesome and easy to use.

5)Wifi enabled… yes it does lack 3g, however, the Edge network is not that back, and most of the time Wifi makes it very usable and the auto detecting feature and the power management on the iphone’s wifi makes it really really usable.

6)Even though both the W600i and N80 supports MP3s and even Videos, it even has partial sync abilities with itunes, the iphone syncs much cleaner and so much better… especially with podcast and video podcasts. For me, now i can just click and go on my school lectures…. super nice!!!

7)Same as the music feature, both the W600i and the N80 can view pictures… but nothing is like the photo album on my iphone. It is so easy to share my photos on the road and the syncing process is so simple. Click and go. The best part is that I can even hit Picasaweb or Flickr on the fly with iphone webapps. Super nice.

8)The camera isn’t the best but it is actually not too back, it a pretty good 2.0 megapixel camera

9) The youtube feature is pretty cool as well. I have already used it to show off my youtube video

10) Google maps is amazing with the Iphone. So useful in finding locations and seeing traffic conditions.

11) Finally, it has a pretty Awesome battery life. For what it is worth, it has much much much better battery life than the N80 with the wifi turned on.

So all in all, I am super happy with my Iphone. I’ve also have thought about writing few web apps for the iphone. I think it would be fun. With additional features coming up in the next firmware updates it is an excellent device and I am happy to have gotten it.

So would I recommend it? heck yeah… I would recommend it definitely. Sell your Ipod and sell your cellphone and buy an iphone. You will enjoy it. As for the hacking it? nah.. not now… I am waiting for the SDK in Feb. After that I will decide.

What will I do when the 3g iphone comes out? Well.. that’s simple… sell my current one and upgrade!!!

😉 Happy New Year everyone.. I hope everyone enjoyed their first day of work in 2008.