Few minor changes

So… I made a few minor changes to my website and my blog. After toying with RSS and PHP, I finally decided to add my Facebook status feed to my blog page. so as you can see above. You now see my status. Pretty cool huh? as soon as I update it in Facebook, it will update the status here. So how do I do it? Well.. after searching for a while I finally ended up using MagPie RSS. It is a php package that let you easily add rss to your PHP enabled website. I am thinking in the long term doing some additional work and maybe pulling in some other RSS feeds on a separate page. It would be kinda cool huh? But anyways… hopefully before the work year and school year and snowboarding season really pick up again, I will have a chance to make few more changes.

As for everything else… Well… I am looking for a house again. yep this time in Seattle. Gosh… it has been so long since I last bought a house… it will be strange to go through the process again … this will be my 4th house purchase.


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