Procrastination is a disease

I really believe I am at the terminal stage of procrastination sickness. I have almost no motivation doing any more school work and it is starting to affect my work work as well. It really bites. This week is going to be pretty crazy.. my family is coming this weekend. I have a final and a project due. I also have work work and oh… don’t forget about snow. Yep… snow is coming this week. I still have to xmas shop too… DOH!!!!

anyway… I been going to the nice little Japanese restaurant next to work. It’s called Matsu Sushi. It’s pretty nice. I had some Katsudon today. Sigh… it really makes me miss cooking my own katsudon. So…why am I not doing it anymore? Please see above.

I miss Hsiu.

Oh… and I love~~~ my iphone… oh… everything just syncs up so well… my music, podcasts,… humm.. I should do a short review on it sometime…


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