Wow … what a game!

So… this year got to be the most major league baseball I have ever watched live.  So in 2007 my total count for the number of baseball game is 07!!!!  WOW!  and the best part is that every game that I went to was a winning game!!!  Now, last night there was a double header and Mariners did lose the first game, but that doesn’t count ..right 😉  but anyways… it was so awesome last night.  The seat I got from my company was on the 2nd row behind home plate.  I was right behind the photographers. and yes… I did not bring my camera… ah!!!! I was so camera envy!!!  So… take a look.  Oh I love baseball… and I love my job!! especially when I get good baseball tickets like this 😀 .. nice!!!


Just a guy inside the Mintrix

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