First day of class

Boy… Today is the first day of school.  It is strange being back in school and not in Ephrata. Work has been busy… and it will only get more busier.  So weekend was pretty good.  I had a chance to go see the Mariners again. Yeah yeah… it is like my 5th game this year.  Pretty crazy huh. I also had a party on Saturday… but unfortunately only two people showed. That’s ok… we had alot of fun and I made some cool noodles 😀 I guess the days of impromptu parties are over… now we just have to have a 2 week notice for anything 🙂

So … I got an invite to a pig roast this weekend… now that should be fun!!!  I still haven’t found a good way to post pictures on my blog easily from my mac yet… still looking…. but I really like my mac 🙂


Just a guy inside the Mintrix

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