I just got back from the Penn and Teller show. It was pretty good, even though I have seen some of the act from the old 1994’s The Unpleasant world of Penn and Teller, but it is still good to see it live. One thing that I was kind of stupid about was I lift my camera at home. Penn and Teller actually let fans take pictures with them after the show. However, tonight is one of the only time that I did not have my camera with me. Actually the entire trip I did not take any pictures. Why… well… it just reminded me too much of my last time here in Las Vegas and I feel sad.

Anyway… I did get Penn’s autograph :D. The act was pretty cool….
So tomorrow.. I am going back to Ephrata. I don’t know if I will be going back to seattle this weekend or not. I been out so much… I think I am just going to chill at home this Memorial day weekend. I just don’t know yet. Sigh … I don’t want to go home. I need to just find a road job I guess. ha ha ha … just kidding…


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