I know.. It has been a week since I wrote on my blog. Not much has happene this week, except for homework that was due on Friday and snowboarding Saturday. So today, I am just chilling around and recovering. Snowboarding yesterday was amazing. I finally started to know how to turn effectively on the slopes. I actually went up chair two 3 times yesterday. Yes, I still had some hard falls but I am getting better. The biggest problem I have right now is other snowboarders and skiers. I ran into 4 people yesterday. That was awful. They were all ok, but I was probably more dinged up then they are. Even with all that it is still fun. I just have to get better turing control and better on how to read other skier /snowboarder. The hardest is to predict the skiers directions. Well, there is alot to think about before next weekend. I might go on sunday next weekend. I just hope the winter continues!!!


Just a guy inside the Mintrix

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