Unlocking Debranding Sony Ericsson T616

After hours of working on the Sony Ericsson T616 to unlock/debrand, so I can use my T-mobile SIM card in that AT&T; phone, I finally did. I have to say, it is not worth the $20 that I saved. But I guess I am a better person for figuring out how to unlock it. Well… it is not really hard but if you have all the right equipments. I … well… did not have all the right equipments. It is a very interesting underground industry of unlocking cellphones. There are so many unlocking services available and some are remote unlockers. So what it is, is they send you a cheap T28/DSC-11 serial cable, which then ask you to use thier software to login to their website and they will decode and unlock your phone. This is a one time deal, meaning once it is unlocked, the cable is pretty much useless, unless you pay for another unlocking. Well, my friend did that to unlock his phone and had the cable leftover. To me it seems like if they can unlock it from remote, I should be able to unlock it locally. After searching long and hard, I found that there are softwares available to unlock it, but it is for another type of cable using parallel ports/ printer ports, or USB. The software did not work for the T28 serial cable. In trying to figure this out, I want to see if I can see and thing from the serial port. So I used tera term to console into my phone. With the speed set to 115200 bps 8N1, I was able to see scrolling text. Some that actually made sense. By this time, I know that there got to be a way to crack this.

After a long look on google and in different forums, such as gsmhosting.com, I finally found the rosetta stone.


a google search on SEMCtool_v2.2.zip, you will find many places to download it.

This was the key… this was the key program that will decypher the text and let me unlock the T616 over a serial T28 cable. Yeah!!!

I quickly download it and ran the program…
During the process … I found that you need to start the phone up after to select the jobs and push “do selected jobs”. Also make sure the baud rate is at 115200

it started to work…

Connect to phone
Check if RSA is active
Bypass boot authority
…. then boom…
ERROR 0001A1

oh no… it crashed and it did not continue…
I was about to give up, I was looking for different programs and trying to find ways to resolve then, then I found a forum message that says …
“keep pumping the power button until you get pass the boot sequence”

What?… ok … I will give it a try … then IT WORKED!!!

Connect to phone
Check if RSA is active
Bypass boot authority
Initialize boot
Load data to phone
Clear all SP locks
New SP Lock area format
Reset user code
Read all codes
New SP Lock area format
IMEI: 010193005165199
NCK: 82110220
NSCK: 70985399
CCK: 80152156
SPCK: 59993314
Operation succesfull


I popped in my T-mobile sim… and it worked like a charm!!


I hope my adventure will help some poor soul that is trying to do the same.

Good luck.