I just got done with my small xmas party. It was fun about 9 people showed up. I was very busy cooking most of the time. I tried to make some fried tempuras and it was good. I had a little bit of success. It is the first time doing making it so it was all good. The bad thing about being the host was… I really did not have any time to take any pictures. It is hard to take pictures and be in the pictures at the same time. I believe everyone had fun and that is what is important. It is always the little things that makes me happy. Being able to share my time and cook for my friends makes me happy.

As for the luncheon today, well… it was interesting… I don’t think people here appreciates etoufee like I do. I did not cook very much and I had alot left over. Either the people here don’t like crawfish, or they just don’t know how it is. I need to look over my notes again. I am going to take my exam tomorrow. Wish me luck.


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