Today is Xmas party day. Yep today is our company Xmas party. Every year since I graduated from college, I wanted to go to a company holiday party with someone I loved and every year I go along. This year is not much difference. I was not planning to go at first, but one of my coworkers invited me to his pre-party and ask me to be a party photographer…so… I can’t help it. I got to go and do that. I think it should be fun. Next weekend is my friend, Ben’s wedding. It is amazing… seeing my friend meeting his future wife and how I am going to see him getting married… it is just wonderful. I am very happy for you Ben.

I will be sure to take good pictures and I will share it with everyone.

Thinks that are coming put… Finals … my Xmas party.. Ben’s wedding… and my trip back to Auburn for Xmas and new year…

2005 is flying by so fast ….


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