What a wonderful long weekend. It was so busy that I forgot to put it in the blog. The flight home on Thanksgiving day was crowed but it was good. My sister and I got back to Auburn, just in time for the Thanksgiving feast. We had a Turkey, a Ham, some baked napa, some noodles, lots of deserts and just lots of good food.

On Friday, we went to Atlanta to shop. I realized that ATL has really developed since I last looked at it as a possible city to live in. I think it would be enjoyable to live in Atlanta.

On Saturday, we played some Mahjong and I bought my parents a new microwave. Our old one broke … after 15 years it finally broke. Well, this new one is pretty cool. It has a one button sensor re-heat. no longer do you have to figure out how long to heat your left over food. Just one button and the microwave will figure it out for you. Cool huh?

And today, we all went to Mass and then went to red lobster for lunch. Played some more mahjong with the family. I lost and then had the Turkey bone soup for dinner…. ummm.. umm good.

Well… The weekend gone by pretty quick… it really makes me want to move closer to home. Well… I did buy my ticket for xmas. I am coming home for 1 week next time. Yeah!!!


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