It is Friday, and the last day of my training class. This weekend is also the big Auburn-Alabama game. I think I will be heading to Seattle to watch it with the Auburn Alums. While my Dad and my sister will be going to the game. Lucky them!!!

I got a new shower head last night and it was very nice… but I had a really vivid dream last night. In my dream, I was in Shanghai. I walked in to her office and it was all different. She said that she finally understand and I agree that I understand as well. She also said give her some time and she need to finish up thing and don’t forget her. I was happy… then I realized I was dreaming and I was waking up… The worst feeling in the world is when you realized that you are in a dream and you are waking up. Sigh… life goes on … and onward to another day of class.


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