I went to test drive a G35x yesterday… oh my gosh… I had so much fun. The sales person took me to a mountain curvy road and says, “go for it”. I did.. and I can’t believe the handling. It was a very wet and nasty day outside, but the g handled like a champ. Well… As usual… I dreamed about that car last night. It was too bad… The dealer was asking for 29k and I was hoping for 25-26k. If they would have came up with that price… I am probably driving a 2004 g right now. ha ha ha. The new 2006 g is around 39-37k… that is just too much money… I would need to be making alot more money to afford that kind of car. But I have to say… I am very much in love with that car now. I am very surprised too because … The first time I test drove it… I did not feel much about it. I just felt like it was another ok Japanese car. It must be the curvy road and the wet surface yesterday that really got me. Yes, in my MR2 days, if I done the stuff I did in the G35x, I would have been “fish-tailing”.


Just a guy inside the Mintrix

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