It is 6:54am … I been in the office around 30 mins already. I am in early today because I have to oversee one of our technicians doing a change. It is one thing doing the change yourself. It is another have to make sure someone else do it correctly. That is the wonderful world of Unions. Anyway.. the union techs been giving me alot of crap lately. Things happen and they just complain about doing their job. Is this the beginning of not being happy with my job?

Enough about jobs…. This is exam week, I have to catch up on my studying. I though one class would be easy with working… but it is still a bit hard. It is the fact that after work you don’t really feel like sitting in front of a computer taking notes for another hour and 15 minutes. It really gets old really fast.

I been having alot of flash backs lately. I guess stress does that to you. But the question is do I really have stress or is it all self imposed?


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