Wow… it is Tuesday already… well.. lets do some recap/flashbacks….

Friday, I finished my first exam in my online course. The exam was harder then I expected, but I think I did ok. I really gave me a rush that I use to get after finishing an exam in college.

Saturday, Auburn Won!!! Woo hoo!!! My friend came over and we had a good time around the area and had Etufee for dinner.

Sunday, some morning/noon golf… it was fun… I suck…… just a enjoyable afternoon talking to my friend.

Monday… Work startes again … commission meetings…realizing there are more things in this world then weekends… so work starts to pile.

Monday night…. Woo hoo… new mail server!!!! with SPAM filters!! Yeah!!!

New supernice web interface too!!!

I think I move everyone that is actively using the service over … but if anyone is having problems, please let me know…. send me an email… ha ha ha 😀


Just a guy inside the Mintrix

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