Just got back from Atlanta… I went to Atlanta two days in a row. Today I went there because my friend, Sergeon wants my help in getting some furniture from IKEA. IKEA in Atlanta is fairly new and it is very nice. I think I will buy some things from IKEA when I get back to seattle. Anyway… we got rained on just as we drove back into Auburn. We were able to get everything inside without too much rain on the furniture. Well, afterward, we went to fill out the truck and every gas station around Auburn are lined with cars and trucks. I don’t know what’s going on. It took us about 15 + minutes before we were able to get gas. After I got home, my Dad said that there might be a shortage of gas that is why everyone is filling up. I also saw my friend in Seattle saying that the gas price is around $3.14!!!! WOW… talk about high gas prices!!!


Just a guy inside the Mintrix

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