Happy Fourth of July, everyone. Well, I am sitting on the floor of…. ok now waiting chair in Boise airport. I just flew from LAX on a turbo prop to Boise. Boise airport is really small… but it has free wireless. And that is why I am online checking my email and writing on my blog. Well…. this weekend in LA was just too short. I had a chance to meet some of my Dad’s college friends. It is very interesting to hear them talk. LA is a very interesting town. we did not do much… but I know I want to go back and do more. I mean in LA, it is just so easy to get anything. Unlike Ephrata. Oh and let’s not talk about the cool type of food they have… oh and the weather is always nice. Anyway…. we will see… Well… this long weekend is way too short. I guess the really good part about it is that I will be flying back to Moses lake … so the drive home will only be 15 minutes, instead of 2-3 hours. That’s good.


Just a guy inside the Mintrix

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