Well, since it has been a while since I last posteded… yesterday doesn’t count… I figure I will list some of the things that have happened since the last time I wrote in my blog.

1) Hsiu Hsiu was here for a week in May. She flew in to Seattle and immediately we flew to Houston for my sister’s graduation. Then we drove to Lafayette, LA to visit with some of my parent’s friends and we drove back to Auburn the next day. We had a small crawfish boil and the day after Hsiu Hsiu and I flew to Boston. We were in Boston for the remining time she was here. At the end of our Boston trip we flew from Boston to Cleveland then to Atlanta and then to Newark and then to Seattle. Yeah… it was a long trip. By the time Hsiu Hsiu got home, I think she already made silver status on her frequent flier miles. I had alot of fun with her here. It was good to visit Houston and it is very very sad to see her go again.

2) My little sister has graduated College. Yep Min-Jye is now a college graduate. She graduated from Bio Engineering… whatever that means. She is now going to attend UAB in Bham for med school. Boy it has been a while since I went back to Birmingham. Congrats Min-Jye.

3) Sergeon and Shi’s daughter was born. Her name is Misha. I am so happy for them. So congrats Sergeon and Shi.

4) Star Wars 3 has came and gone… ok maybe it is not gone yet but it is still very very good film. It was better than what I had expected. After the movie I ended up watching Star Wars 4, 5, and 6 all over again. That’s pretty crazy huh?

5) I started to read the Manga GANTZ. I have to say Mangas are like cocaine. It is very very addictive. They only publish 15 pages of comic every week and GANTZ has been going on for 200+ weeks. Yeah… a long time and I finish reading 200 weeks of comic in 2 days… and now I am wanting more and I have to wait… AHHHH… I need a GANTZ fix!!!!

Well, That is all I can remember right now….

Currently I am sitting in the coffee shop and the SAGE N SUN is going on outside. SageNSun is a summer festival here in Ephrata. Believe me … it is not much of a festive, It is not like the City Stages in Bham or the Rodeo’s in Houston or the Music festivals in ATL…. yeah… I miss those.

I been feeling really lonely lately….. Since Hsiu Hsiu left in May…. I know I should be concentrate on something else … but it is hard. I find myself sleeping alot and dreaming alot and thinking alot. I am becoming more and more isolated… being in Ephrata doesn’t help.

I liked Boston.


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