When water skiing face plants are not that bad… it hurt but not that bad. But when mountain biking… face plants are bad!!!! Well… I went biking with my friend Eric and Russ today… well, we decided to go on a dirt bike trail… Stupid kids dug a hole right behind an small mount. I went over the mount and right in to the hole. My 2 day old bike’s front tire gets caught and I fly off the bike and straight in the the dirt. Ouch… my mouth hurts, I thought and ..what is that grindy stuff in my mouth. I soon found out that it was sand and dirt.I spit it out and off I went bike riding again. It was not until I got to my friend’s dad’s house did I realize that I looked awful. Oh and that helmet did nothing for my face. Posted by Hello


Just a guy inside the Mintrix

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