Well… another beautiful Saturday. Just cleaning up the house and listening to Auburn’s Home Coming game. My little sister is in Auburn Today watching the game. I bet that is exciting. I wish I was there with my lovely Hsiu Hsiu. As for Hsiu Hsiu, she is in Shanghai right now. The exciting news is that I will be visiting her next month. So which leads me to a surprise this morning…. Well.. in preperation for my first trip to China… I thought it would be really nice if I had a better camera… Say a 20D or a 10D or a D70 or even a 300D. So I use Cniper.com, a free auction sniper software, and bid on a 300D. A major surprise to me, I won the bid this morning for $631 dollars. WOW … $631 for a Canon Digital Rebel SLR 300D Camera. WOW!!! That is for Body and basic EF-S lens too. We will see how good the deal really is when it arrives. But I am kind of excited. I guess this camera would be a Birthday present for me 😛



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