So what a Saturday, I had the opportunity to play my first real golf course. I played at Moses Point Golf Course. Well, the reason why I was there was because the PUD had a friendly golf tournament. Anyway, I was a bit nervous at first. It is not because it was the first time on the big course. Nope … not at all. It was because I was playing with 3 directors on my team. Yeah… not one, not two, but three. and there are a total of 4 people in a team. The game was a golf scramble, so that means everyone hits the ball and we play from the best hit. And repeat until we make it in the hole. Anyway, after the first nine holes, I finally calmed down and started to hit some good shots. Well, I never realized that a golf game lasted so long… we played from 10:30am to about 3:30pm. But it was alot of fun. So how did my team do? Well, we got 4th!! a 68…. cool huh?


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