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LCD 1602 and Pi – Part 2: Configuring and Orange Pi for 1602 LCD with i2c

Part 1 is here:

So previously, I talked about how to set up a Raspberry Pi with LCD 1602 via i2c. It was extremely easy on Raspian. you simply have to enable the i2c support and boom you can run the python script and it works. However, Orange Pi is a clone of […]


So yesterday, I saw my father for the very last time. I witnessed my fathers cremation. I saw my fathers body laying there peacefully. My mother cried, she told me that my father is leaving us. I told her that My father already left us last week, and he is off at a better […]

Dad’s funeral

Yesterday was a busy day. It was my dad’s funeral. The day started very very early, Dad’s viewing was at 9:00 am and the Mass was at 10:00. Flowers came in around 8:10 and Dad arrived at 8:30.

This was the first time seeing my father after he left us and it felt strange. He […]

Good bye Dad

Yesterday 8/14/2019 at 4:35pm, my father left us. He has been fighting cancer for the last 9 month. Initially, treatment went pretty well, but last 3 months the conditions turned for the worst. The last month was really tough for my father and my family. My dad went from a fully functioning person to completely […]

LCD 1602 and Pi – Part 1: 1602 LCD displaying Interface IP addresses for a headless Raspberry Pi

So I’ve been working on some projects for work and I dug into my collection of parts and pulled out my OG raspberry pi’s (RPi). I am using them as endpoints for a proof of concept project for OT visibility. But since they are all headless, (meaning there are no monitors or keyboards for […]