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Last day of July 2009

July 2009 has been an interesting Month.

1) 10 bike rides to work this month, yes today is my 10th trip to work!!! only 87 more to go!!! So with the total work days of 22 work days this week I rode 10 trips.

10/22 = .454545 = 45% of my working days are riding to work.

2) Seattle hits the record heat temperature this week. 103F+ Super Hot!!!

3) I started to count calories in conjunction with my bike riding. Yes I am trying to get fitter and maybe get back to my goal of 175. I have a long way to go

4) I discovered the Seattle Public Library this month!!! Wonderful Place!!!

5) I wrote my first Iphone app this month.

6) Tried to do online ads this month and got shut down because of suspicious clicks. What gives google???

7) We won our first volleyball game this month. Hopefully next month we will win our first set!!!! Current record 3-37.

Overall, it has been a good month… there are few things that I do need to change and improve. School work needs to be completed!!!

But all in all I think I am making a little progress.

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