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Another summer week flying by…

So another week in the summer is almost over. Yesterday was the hottest day recorded in Seattle since the record keeping began in 1891 and what did I do? I rode my bike to home in the 103 degree weather. 13 miles of super heat!!! I started with a bottle of ice water and when I got home the bottle was warm and empty. The water was pretty much warm half way home. It was so hot when I got home, it was 97 degrees inside my place. Ok Ok, I know all my southern friends will say that 97, that’s nothing. Well, all I have to say is try to turn of your AC at home next time the temperature get up to 100 in the South you will know what I am talking about. And Yes I do not have AC. Oh that’s another long rant.

So after I got home yesterday, I immediately head over to volleyball practice and stay away from the super heated house.

But the uniqueness of the heat allowed me to experience few new things.

1) I’ve never realized that my leather couch can radiate heat after baking in a 90+ degree room all day. It was not fun… very hot.
2) I started to find ways of cooling myself off at night…
a) cold shower…
b) wet towel over my head with a fan blowing
c) thinking about building a swamp cooler dude to the lower humidity of the day…

3) My shampoo became super runny liquids because of the heat… that was a strange experience.

What a unique day… Today suppose to be pretty hot too .. but we will see…

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