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Happy 4th of July!!!

So.. for the last couple of days I’ve been hiding out in my home trying to finish up my paper. Today, it is not much different. I am alot better from my sickness. I should be 100% soon. So right now I am sitting in a dark room… looking out the window seeing fireworks and listening to boom boom boom. It reminds me of Shanghai. {sigh}…

So … so many little things lately is reminding about how critical time is. So 2002 July 2, I became a US citizen… so I guess that makes me a 7 years old American. Can you believe it has been 7 years….

So many things has happened. Just read this blog….

and yet … I am just drifting….

I hope in 10 years I won’t be sitting here saying the same thing again.

This 4th is particularly different then the rest. i did not BBQ… i did not go home… I did not see a soul… I was at home working on my stuff and trying not to be distracted by myself and by the heat. Oh yeah it is around 80+ during the peak of the day.

I want to play tennis… but I got to finish…
I want to go out with my friends … but I got to finish…
I want to do so many things… but I got to finish….

Happy Birthday America!!! Thank you for such a wonderful place and a wonderful country!!!

Thank you all the people working to keep this country so wonderful!!! Thank you..

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