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I got the pupils the size of a dime!!!

So Today, I went to get my follow up check up for my eyes. Everything was good except I got my eyes dilated. So for the last few hours I can’t see anything and everything was blurry and my pupil was the size of a dime!!! Finally I am able to see again and I can type this blog entry. During my exam, I got my contacts prescription and I also got my new glasses checked out. The doctor said that the right lens was perfect, however, the left lens was way off. This is the reason why I was feeling a bit uncomfortable and having headaches. So … it is time to pursuit refunds from I mention their name directly because I am hoping my experience will help others to not have the same poor experience that I received so far. But then again, what was I really to expect for a pair of glasses costing $55???

Anyways… I did order new contacts today online and that was extremely cheap. It was only $66 for 90 days of daily contacts. It was the final price with shipping included. Woo hoo… good deal right?
I hope the contacts are better then my online glasses… I will let you guys know when I get them.

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