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Happy Square Root Day

First of all… Happy Square Root Day!!!

So what is square root day? √9 = 3 or in another word 3 * 3 = 9 and today is 3/3/9.
Well… so many things has happened since my last post.
Let see I went to see a really cool movie called Curious Case of Benjamin Button. I would recommend this movie to everyone. What it did remind me is another movie that I really loved. Forrest Gump. Here are what I round very similar.
1) Both movies are set in the South. FG was set in Alabama and Georgia while CCBB was set in New Orleans Louisiana. Both are places where I grew up 😉
2) Both movies were about a unique person’s life and hot it weaves through the fabric of time.
3) Benjamin had to learn to walk and it was a break through, while Forrest had Polio and were in braces and learned how to break out of the braces and run.
4) Both Ben and Forrest attended a foreign war and saw action. Forrest was Vietnam while Benjamin was WWII.
5) Both Ben and Forrest had a tough and rough influence figure, Forrest’s figure was Lt. Dan while Benjamin’s was the Captain.
6) Both Ben and Forrest had a childhood friend that they loved and met in and out through out their life. For Forrest it was Jennie, and for Benjamin it was Daisy.
7) Both Ben and Forrest had a kid in their life. However, Ben had a daughter while Forrest had a son.
8) In both movies, the kid ends up with one parent. Jennie dies and Forrest had to take care of his son, while Daisy had to take care of their daughter because of Benjamin’s conditions.
Ok this maybe stretching it , but …
9) Both Forrest and Benjamin had experience of sitting alone while their mom took care of business. Benjamin in joined the breathing of the sleeping house, while Forrest enjoyed the quiet (or not so quiet) southern night. 😉
10) Both Ben and Forrest gain enough wealth in their life that they did not have to worry to much about money. Forrest gained his wealth from his investing in a fruit company (Apple) through Lt. Dan. and Ben from his father Tom Button. However, both did not abuse their wealth. Ben eventually sold everything to save up for his daughter.
It was an interesting movie, and it is definitely a movie worth watching. So what do you guys think?
Oh and I started to work out again… it is hard to keep up but I am still trying at least to do something every day. Tomorrow it will be 1 week since I stop drinking anything other then water and stop watching TV. It’s pretty tough, but I sure have gained sometime and slowly my life seems to be falling back in to place again. Still more things to fix.

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