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Things I discovered this week

1) wow… there are sure alot of people riding Seattle public transit
I discovered that the bus system is pretty convenient in Seattle. I can take an express from my place to the train station in about 10-15 minutes. WOW… it would take me that long to just drive myself.

2) Slow Train
The train is always late and will always encounter delays. Rain, Snow, Flood, or even broken trains … in the case of today…

3) Business Class is worst than Coach
Only on the Amtrak can you pay more money and get a worst seat than coach. Trust me, if you are riding the cascade on Amtrak don’t take coach. There are power sockets in coach too.

4) Iphone earphones works on macbook pro
OMG… did you know that my iphone earphones works on my Macbook pro? I mean the button click will work just like my iphone.. it will pause, start, stop, skip songs with a click on the mic button. (wait isn’t pause and stop the same?)

5) Pathloss is really cool …
Ha ha ha … I got to learn something at work right?

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