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Exciting weekend…

So This weekend was pretty exciting right? I had an extended weekend because of a minor oral surgery which I undergone. Don’t worry… everything is great… I am now bionic… ha ha ha… just kidding…

But so.. Friday… I took my Mom to Mt. Vernon to see some flowers. It was not too bad, however, it could have been better. This year, the tulips are blooming a little bit late.

So as you all know that we had a bit of a scare on Saturday, but what was really interesting was that when we were at the ER, I was wearing my Auburn Baseball cap. I got some interesting comments.

First, the triage nurse said that … “oh you are from Auburn?” I replied “yes”.
Then, the xray nurse said that he grew up in Mobile, Alabama and his dad taught a the University of Alabama for a bit. We chatted a little about Auburn Vs Alabama… yeah… 6 in a row… 😉

Now the most interesting thing was when the ER doctor said, “Did you go to Auburn?” and I said “yes” and he replied… “so did I”. “Oh my gosh!!! WAR EAGLE” I shouted!!!… I could not believe it… it was amazing that the doctor that was treating my mom was an Auburn Grad!!!!

Wow!! What a small world right?

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