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DVP-642 blinking red standby FIXED!

So… as you all know… last weekend… my roomba broke because I was trying to change the cells on the battery… now that is fixed… My Philips DVP-642 DVD player also broke.

But this weekend… everything is fixed.
I fixed my DVD player but looking blinking red light on google and found some articles on a blow capacitor. So as an EE, I thought.. I will open it up and see. Yep sure thing… I had a blow cap on C316. So I replace it with a 1000uF 35v cap. It works perfectly now… yeah… and it only cost me $1.80 from radio shack.

for more details look here

So here we go again for another week… oh… uh… I will be in Vegas for most of next week for IWCE… SWEET!!!

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