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It has been a while since my last post, but so many things has happened. Well, first of all, I want congratulate the newly married Mr. and Mrs. Rick Williams. Rick, I apologies for missing my flight and missing your wedding. I will be back to Alabama soon and I will make a trip to see you guys in Cullman.

Anyways… So I missed my flight… and I was pretty unhappy Friday night. But luckily my friends here in Seattle invited me to white water rafting on Saturday. Well, since I missed my flight and I have to be here for training on Monday. I said to myself, why not.

I have to say… that was one of the most fun time I had in a while. Saturday was such a happy day. So happy.
Sunday was not too bad either. So of my other Seattle friends invited me to a picnic/volleyball/basketball event. I have not played 2 on 2 basketball in a long long time… actually I haven’t played any basketball in a long long time. Well, needless to say… I was out of shape. But just like the white water rafting trip, I met so many new friends.

The last few days really makes me want to stay in Seattle.

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