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So… I just got home from hanging out with my buddies and also watching Xmen 3. The movie was pretty cool… but I feel like I wanted more. But anyway… I was talking to my buddies and our conversation drifted to the questions they ask in a naturalization interview. So we asks each other to name 10 of the original 13 states. I was thinking about it and I said Georgia was one. All my friends say… no Georgia was not… So after coming home … I was still sure that Georgia was a 13 colonies, I looked it up … and I was correct. So all of my friends are natural born US citizens… so who is more American now? ha ha ha… just kidding guys….

So for all of you that are interested … the original 13 colonies are as follows

Virginia 1607 London Company 1624
Massachusetts 1620 Puritans 1691
New Hampshire 1623 John Wheelwright 1679
Maryland 1634 Lord Baltimore N/A
Connecticut c. 1635 Thomas Hooker N/A
Rhode Island 1636 Roger Williams N/A
Delaware 1638 Peter Minuit and New Sweden Company N/A
North Carolina 1653 Virginians 1729
South Carolina 1663 Eight Nobles with a Royal Charter from Charles II 1729
New Jersey 1664 Lord Berkeley and Sir George Carteret 1702
New York 1664 Duke of York 1685
Pennsylvania 1682 William Penn N/A
Georgia 1732 James Edward Oglethorpe 1752

Have fun!!!

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