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Today is the day before Thanksgiving. My original plan was to leave Ephrata around 12:00, however I ended up on top of the Wahitas peak for most of the day working on a radio problem with the techs. I was really worry about being stuck in traffic crossing Snoqualmei pass. I finally got back home around 4:30 pm and when home grab some cloth and I started traveling to Seattle around 5:00pm. Amazingly, there were no delays at the pass, I think the WSDOT message scared everyone and there end up being no traffic. So I got here early and get a little time to relax. I was so tired on the road it was almost hard to stay awake, but I got here.

It is interesting… I find myself packing alot of electronics with me when I travel. Sometimes, I think I almost pack too much electronics for traveling… Oh well…

I miss home. I miss … {sigh}… every time I am in Seattle it always brings back so many memories… Even staying at the Renton Holiday Inn Select… reminds me of things…

I think it will be go to go back to Auburn… it will be good to be with my family.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!

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