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What a interesting night. Well… As usual it was Wednesday night and we went over to Jim’ place for dinner. Usually it is just Beer and Pizza, well, since recently Jim shot a big elk.. We had elk burgers last night. UMM UMM good!

Yep… then we modded Russ’s new truck. I did not know there is a huge market on modding diesel trucks. But I could not believe it… with no opening of the hood, we added over 100 hp to Russ’s new truck and even improved fuel economy. Eddie says that his truck will go up to 25 miles a gallon on highway. I mean wow… for a huge full size Ford 250 4×4 diesel truck. WOW… it really got me thinking about that as well… but it is just still to big and too noisy. I want a BMW or a Lexus or a Infiniti….

anyway… my hunt continues….

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