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Well… it took me a while… but I am all done… well.. almost… the slow cable modem is still uploading all the original pictures, but the site is up and everyone can see all the pictures from last night’s party. Like I said before, I had alot of fun… but I do have one question. What was the 55 dollars for? Because for some reason, I feel like the reunion company really ripped us off. The event was fun, but they provided no additional service for 55 dollars. With 55 dollars a person, I think we could at least have an open bar right? Well.. the finger food was mediocre and there was no organized introduction or welcome back. I think we could have done a better job with classmate in Auburn organizing the reunion then the reunion company. Well, that is just my 2 cents. I hope everyone enjoy the pictures. If there are any questions on how to get prints, please let me know.

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