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ok …. the answer from the pop quiz a few days ago…
well… first off… I could not figure it out … and i had some help from my little sis. yeah… I am so embarrassed… anyway… I will try to explain the logic why the answer should be 9/1

because of the first statement… 6/7 and 12/2 can not be possible… because 7 and 2 are both unique dates…Because of this … months 6 and 12 are also elminated…. because if it is that month… person B would know it.
so now that leave us with
3/4 3/5 3/8
9/1 9/5

so the second statemen says…Person B: I did not know it originally, but I now it now
means… person B would know the date … so 3/5 and 9/5 is elminated because it is duplicated…
now we are left with
3/4 3/8

now the 3rd statement Person A: Oh, Now I know it. … now you shift prespective to person Asince he knows the month… it can’t be 3/4 or 3/8 because it is duplicate …so the answer must be 9/1

…. does that make any sense???

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