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Education has really gone up in price
Well, I been trying to get started with continuing education…. I figure … It has almost been 6 years since college.. and I guess I better start learning again… besides… I don’t have anything better to do… Anyway, I was trying to filling out an application for work to get tuition reimbursement and after I was finally done and approved, I started to register for one class for fall. Just one class. It is a distance learning class. Anyway… it was around 300 dollars per credit hour… so it means for a 3 credit hour class it is around 900 dollars. Ok … that is already pretty expensive .. or at least I thought…. I mean… I remember when I was in college … I was paying around 900 dollars for 15 credit hours per quarter. Anyway, so my application will filled out with the 900 dollars amount in place. When I was registering, I realized that there is a content delivery fee… of 200 or so dollars per credit hours… So that mean it will be an additional 500 dollars for the class either on streaming media or CD’s. You’ve got to be kidding me. So the class now is around 1400 dollars for 3 credit hours. EEK!!!
Well… I need to talk to our auditor tomorrow to make sure that I can get that paid for. Or else… I will have to shell out another 500 dollars… and that will really hurt. Anyway… all that in the name of continuing education… ha ha ha .. 🙂

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