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Hello everyone… Well… It is another sunday… and tomorrow is another Monday… oh I don’t like Monday’s. Anyway… This weekend has been intersting… I watched alot of Tripping the Rift. It is a scifi comedy cartoon on Scifi Channel. It is actually a TVMA toon … so little kiddies .. don’t watch. the series is really good and very funny. I would recommend it. Especially if you are a nerdy single guy like me.

So what else did I do? Try to repair my bike .. actually putting on a toe clip.. but no pedal wrench.. so failed to do that… went wakeboarding again… now my back hurts… ouch… but the pictures are up. take a look on my site. I still need to figure a way to organize my photos. Right now it is ok.. but when the pictures builds up… HELP!… Any recommendations would be appreciated.

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